Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eroica Trio at Dedication of Studzinski Hall

Erika here, thanks for checking out my very first blog!
I want to share a few pix and experiences about our exciting time at Bowdoin College last week- we had a hair-raising time even getting there! There were huge thunderstorms and somehow Susie made it from Laguardia- but Sara, the cello and I were stranded in Newark Airport.... our flight was canceled-ah, the joys of touring......
Since we were the only artists to perform at the dedication their brand new concert hall, Bowdoin made sure that we made the concert! So they hired a private jet for us- we traveled in style, the red carpet treatment all the way!!!!
We went straight to the hall from the airport, where an enthusiastic audience of faculty and students awaited us....one look at Studzinski Recital Hall and we were in love! It is gorgeous, with rich wood everywhere and Danish Blue upholstery on the seats. It feels like a European hall with the audience seated all around the stage, enveloping us. It was great to meet some of the Bowdoin community! Our only regret is that we didn't have the time to hear some of the music students perform...
After a couple of hours rest, we returned to the hall for the gala opening and dedication ceremonies and we let the fabulous acoustics wash over us as we played....pure indulgence!
Afterwards we went to the reception where we enjoyed a gourmet buffet-apparently Bowdoin College is #1 in food service nationwide!
It was a huge honor for us to be a part of Bowdoin College history in the making- congratulations on "Stud's" Hall, it's a gem!
Thanks again for reading! xo Erika


Harrison1982 said...

Well, if I could afford it, I would have all three of you flying around in a private jet to every concert and that would include at least a monthly trip out here to NorCal, in the Redding area.
I can't tell you enough about how much we all enjoyed your concerts here in California, please come back soon to the Redding Ca, area.

I wasn't able to catch the show in Saratoga, but my thoughts were on all three of you. I am still wearing out my Passions CD along with the other 4 Eroica Trio CD's and they all sound fantastic.

One question, I currently have Eroica Trio as my background on my computer and would like to replace it with that New shot of the three of you in those "black boots" in the "news" section but your website won't allow it. As an engineer I'm sure I could get it "somehow" however I would rather not break any laws 8-). If you get a chance to talk with your web designer maybe have them make the shots available to "set as background" or at least downloadable. However if there are any legal reasons for not doing that I do understand.

Still checking your schedule for the next California run, and can't wait for your next CD,
again, your latest and greatest fan,

John Harrison

Chuck said...

Great to hear the latest news!

Thanks for the update,

Susie said...

Thanks for your comments!
Harrison - we have recently added the download feature for both our pictures on the Gallery page and the video on the Media page so download away! Thanks for your kind words and support, we hope to see you at a concert soon!

DKleppel said...
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Eroica Trio said...

What a surprise to hear from you, David!!! Please email me at eroicatrio.com and I will tell you why I deleted your email....very sorry! looking forward to catching up! Erika

Jennifer said...
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Rachel said...

Hi Erika!
So great to read your blog. What a funny coincidence, I was just thinking about Saint Ann's and playing with Chelsea and being coached by you. Can that really be ten years ago? I hope all's as well as it seems-- hope you had a great time in Italy and take good care,
Rachel Lyon