Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Welcome to our blog!! This is Susie and I'm so excited to publish our first post AND to announce that our new website is up! Please take a peek! We're all thrilled to share our touring adventures verbally and visually with you.

Flying back from a visit to California in luxurious warm weather, I found myself falling right into the cliche of leaving my heart in San Francisco!

Having the opportunity to perform Beethovens Triple concerto four nights in a row was such a luxury. The orchestra, the audiences and the hall just thrilled us to pieces! Not to mention Maestro Alan Gilbert who we really enjoyed working with.

An open rehearsal the day of our first performance gave us the opportunity to meet some of our friendly audience members and to also get a visual and acoustic feel for beautiful Davies hall full of people.

Exploring Union Square and downtown San Francisco I was struck by how similar the city is to my hometown, Sydney.

The layout, ocean and hills are akin to those of Sydney and I felt right at home.

And then the fantastic cuisine; I was lucky to have wonderful dining experiences (the famed roast chicken at Zuni Cafe is the best I've ever had!). San Franciscans themselves have a life-loving joie de vivre attitude which I fell in love with. I might have to move!!!! Thanks San Francisco!