Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Welcome to our blog!! This is Susie and I'm so excited to publish our first post AND to announce that our new website is up! Please take a peek! We're all thrilled to share our touring adventures verbally and visually with you.

Flying back from a visit to California in luxurious warm weather, I found myself falling right into the cliche of leaving my heart in San Francisco!

Having the opportunity to perform Beethovens Triple concerto four nights in a row was such a luxury. The orchestra, the audiences and the hall just thrilled us to pieces! Not to mention Maestro Alan Gilbert who we really enjoyed working with.

An open rehearsal the day of our first performance gave us the opportunity to meet some of our friendly audience members and to also get a visual and acoustic feel for beautiful Davies hall full of people.

Exploring Union Square and downtown San Francisco I was struck by how similar the city is to my hometown, Sydney.

The layout, ocean and hills are akin to those of Sydney and I felt right at home.

And then the fantastic cuisine; I was lucky to have wonderful dining experiences (the famed roast chicken at Zuni Cafe is the best I've ever had!). San Franciscans themselves have a life-loving joie de vivre attitude which I fell in love with. I might have to move!!!! Thanks San Francisco!



~P. said...

Hello Susie!

The revised web site looks fantastic!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in San Francisco. It is indeed a beautiful city.

I do hope I will be able to see you with Erika and Sara this year, enjoy your music in person and meet you. (Erika and Sara will tell you, they already know me pretty well, maybe too well!)

Take Care Susie, ~Peter V.

Emma said...
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Emma said...

We are four high school seniors and we love your trio. We live in Boone, NC and can't wait to see you guys LIVE AND IN ACTION!!! keeeeeeep it reeeeall!!

Chuck said...

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Harrison1982 said...

The Eroica Trio was fantastic at Davies Hall again, and I'm glad you were available to sign cd's in the lobby on the 8th, that was killer.
Two things that you might get a chuckle over and that is FIRST the gown that Susie Park was wearing on the 8th is definitely a fan favorite!!
WOW, is what I would describe it as, the binoculars were a hot item in our row, wished I'd brought a camera!!!
Yes Susie, way to go!!
The Eroica Trio has made several new fans here in NorCal and the Bay area, I have ran into several friends that have talked to some of the guys I took up to Redding and they want to go now as well, I think we have brought about 30 new fans to Eroica Trio, funny though, only 5 went to Redding and 4 went to SF but they have all been talking about it and at least 20 others were "why didn't you tell me?" Trust me I told everyone, but "they" have to hear from others to be sure I guess. One last paragraph and I promise to let you go,
Thank you again for "the Swan" in Redding and the Piazzola tango you played in SF, you made someone feel very special and the talk of his circle of friends.

You and the Eroica Trio have made some friends in NorCal and we are the best friends anywhere, Your new number 1 fan,
John Harrison