Thursday, September 04, 2008


Hi again!
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Douglas said...

Dear Susie,

I was at the Blue Note tonight to see Chris Botti, who's music I absolutely love. I'm also very fond of who he is as a man...I was thoroughly enjoying the show up until the moment you appeared,when my heart stopped!The show then elevated from enjoyment to thrilling

It was such an amazingly breathtaking experience to witness both the presence of your overwhelming beauty,
as well as the obvious love you were making to your violin. I felt
completely fixated on you as though nobody else existed on stage or audience.It was like my eyes were paralyzed on you!

Watching you perform in such a graceful, and seemingly orgasmic fashion was a very beautiful thing. You have provided me with a very special memory that will live long within me. Needless to say, tonights memory of you was a very fond one...

And I will seek your music, as well as any other opportunity that might present itself to see you again.

To close Susie, I want to thank you for touching me so intimately tonight, and making this evening so very special.

I very much appreciate not only the photo you took with me, but also the moment I had with my arm around you...I think you're fabulous!

Very sincerely yours, Douglas